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[LYRICS] Uchu-jin - Aku no Hana - Nakamura Sawa- (惡の華 -仲村佐和-) 「romaji/eng」


kusomushi gomikuzu konnichiwa
atashi ga mitometa hentaisan
saitei saikou dema no soko miseteageru
shikata ga nakure koko ni iru

doko e ittemo onnaji da

temee ga dema ikitemiro
kusomushi no umi
oyoide tsukamaetemiro
oyoide kocchi e koi

kusomushi gomikuzu konnichiwa

sake yo hana hana tsumi no ne o hatte

sake yo hana hana zetsubou ayamekakeru yo
hana hana saite wa ochiru kibou suikondeshimai
hatasarenai kana


Shitty bug, wasted trash, hello
You abnormal being that I have approved of
I will show you the worst of the best gutters

Having no choice, you’re here
Because wherever you go, it’s the same
You filth try to live the way you want
In the sea of shitty bugs

Swim, try to grasp on
Swim, come here

Shitty bug, wasted trash, hello

Oh flower, bloom, plant your roots
Oh flower, bloom. Your sprouts of despair are showing
You bloom excitedly and your hopes fall
You’ll end up absorbing it all
Because you have no end

But you mustn’t.
Because you’ll end up wounded
The angels take to skies in a trashy way
And me, who’s shitty as well
Hates cages of bugs
Sure I’ll pile up mistakes and sins
Even more than the end and the beginning you know
I’d like to see yours instead
So much that I can’t stand it

Oh, flower bloom. Bring out your sprouts of sin
Oh flower, bloom. Your buds that go on controlling me
It flutters down and my hope is withered away
I end up chasing you
Don’t let me be alone

Gazing at each other, we get a little shy
We wait for tomorrow
Since being alone is scary
Lets make a promise
The forms we see in the many gathered mirrors
They break into very small pieces
The true forms that are yet unseen
Are made up like a puzzle

I look forward to doing it,
And I make my move on it

The flower that grows on steel has the taste of honey
Oh flower, don’t bloom. I pick the flower bud of evil
Like flowers that fall in a glittering way
Don’t let me be alone!

We ended up being a little scattered apart
A shadow with an overflown turbulence soars the skies
Only the everyday that offers nothing,
Goes on to fall
Only a delusion I want to know nothing of
Is rusted together

I ladle it out, I disclose it
And when I start making it
I shut myself off saying I’m alone
As I walk this tightrope
There’s nothing, it’s not here
I’m uncertain
I cover up my eyes, my ears
My nose and my face
It’s definitely here

The flower that blooms on steel
Has the taste of sin
And then the flower of evil
Blooms in provision
Like a mirage
Well then, I’ll go first

Thanks to panos907

[LYRICS] Uchu-jin - Aku no Hana - Gunma-ken, Kiryu-shi- (惡の華 -群馬県桐生市)「romaji/english」

Opening song to Aku no Hana (Flower of Evil)
Name: Aku no Hana -Gunma-ken, Kiryu-shi- (惡の華 -群馬県桐生市) by Uchujin


arifureta fuon na kage ga sora o kaketeiku
nani mo nai nichijyou dake ga koroge ochiteiku
shiritakunai mousou dake ga sabitsuiteiku
sukuidasu abakareru tsukuri dashiteiku toki

tsunawatari hitori dato itte tojikomeru
nani mo nai koko de wa nai futashika da
me mo mimi mo hana mo kuchi mo fusagu 
kanarazu arunda

koutetsu ni saku hana wa tsumi no aji
soshite aku no hana sakimidareru toki
hirahira mau hanabira wa kyozou
shinkirou no youni

"sore de wa, osaki ni ikimasu"


Restless shadows we all know race through the sky
Only our boring lives make it to earth
The delusions i fight stick to my mind like rust
They're brought out, visible for all

I force it all in again, a desperate act
I convince myself it isn't certain
I close my eyes, ears, nose and mouth
There's no doubt it's there

The flower blooms around steel, and tastes of sin
Now the flowers of evil sprout up everywhere
Petals falling gracefully have no substance
They're like a mirage

I'll leave first, then

[LYRICS] Uchu-jin - Aku no Hana: Saeki Nanako (惡の華 -菜々子佐伯-)「romaji」

Opening song to Aku no Hana (Flower of Evil)
Name: Aku no Hana -Saeki Nanako- (惡の華 -菜々子佐伯-)" by Uchujin


mitsumeau no wa sukoshi tereru
ashita mo matteiru
hitori bocchi wa kowai kara
yakusoku shiyou

kagami awase no sugata
konagona ni natteiku
madaminu hontou no sugata
tsukuridasu subaru mitai da
kisuru toki doushite

koutetsu ni saku hana wa mitsu no aji
sakanaide hana aku no tsubomi o tsumu
hirahira ochiru hanabira no youni

hitori ni shinaide

sukoshi torimi dashite shimaimashita

Sunday, 14 April 2013

[LYRICS] IA - Lost Time Memory ロスタイムメモリー 「kanji/romaji/english」

Producer: Jin
Singer: IA
Cover: Soraru

[LYRICS] GUMI - Toushika Records (Investors Records) 投資家レコーズ 「kanji/romaji/english」


Lyrics: 西沢さんP (NishizawasanP)
Composition: 西沢さんP (NishizawasanP) 
Arrangement: 西沢さんP (NishizawasanP) 
Cover: Amatsuki

Above video shows the new arrange

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

[LYRICS] Uchu-jin - Aku no Hana: Kasuga Takao (惡の華 -春日高男-)「kanji/romaji/english」

Opening song to Aku no Hana (Flower of Evil)

Name: Aku no Hana: Kasuga Takao (惡の華 -春日高男-)" by Uchu-jin (宇宙人)

Sunday, 10 February 2013

[LYRICS] The Kiddie - KOISHITE DISCORD「kanji/romaji/eng」



君の位する奥、螺旋の上 解き明かして行く 赤い意図は
コントラスト上げて加速してく 君の蛍光灯に照られ 増えていくのでした

曖昧な距離で閊えて 回り諄いハッタリです 同時に笑えはしないのかな

さあ 僕の全て どうして伝えよう 恋してDISCORD 淡い願いじゃない
いっそ全部否定して 壊して変えよう もっと素直になりたいだけ

嬉しそうに鳴くその声だって はぐらかして追い出す為体
コントラスト上げて加速してく 僕の潜望鏡の映像は砂嵐みたいだ

声にならないSOS 逃げ出してくワンダーカード 言うなれば恐いもの見たさ

僕の全て どうして伝えよう 恋してDISCORD 揺らいでいたいんじゃない
なのに両手で目を、耳を塞いで 「もっと素直になりたい」なんて言い訳

僕の全て どうして伝えよう 恋してDISCORD 歌ってたいんだよ
ならば大音量の愛を伝えよう 一人の僕の一分の一を


Kimi no kuraisuru oku, rasen no ue 
tokiakashiteiku akai ito wa
Kontorasuto agete kasokushiteku 

kimi no keikoutou ni terare fueteiku no deshita

Aimai na kyori de tsukaete mawari kudoi hattari desu 
douji ni warae wa shinai no kana
Saa boku no subete doushite tsutaeyou 

koishite DISCORD awai negai jyanai
Isso zenbu hiteishite kowashite kaeyou 

motto sunao ni naritaidake
Ureshisou ni naku sono koe datte 

hagurakashite oidasu teitaraku
Kontorasuto agete kasokushiteku 

boku no senboukyou no eizou wa suna arashi mitai da
Koe ni naranai SOS nigedashiteku wandaakaado 

iu nareba kowai mono mita sa
Boku no subete doushite tsutaeyou 

koishite DISCORD yuraideitainjanai
Nanoni ryoute de me wo, mimi wo fusaide 

"motto sunao ni naritai" nante iiwake
Boku no subete doushite tsutaeyou 

koishite DISCORD utattetainda yo
Nara daionryou no ai wo tsutaeyou 

hitori no boku no ichibun no ichi wo


The depths in which you’re located, above a spiral the increasingly clear red target
was illuminated by your fluorescent light, raising the contrast, accelerating, multiplying

Obstructed by a vague distance, it’s a verbose BLUFF going round in circles,
Won’t we ever laugh at the same time?

Now why do I tell you everything about myself,
falling in love DISCORD, it’s not a fleeting wish
So all the more let’s deny the whole thing, destroy and change it,
I just wanna be more honest

Yet that happy-sounding voice evades and dismisses the predicament,
raising the contrast, accelerating, the image in my periscope looks like a sandstorm

An unspoken SOS, a fleeing wander card, if said it’d be like you’ve seen something scary

Now why do I tell you everything about myself,
falling in love DISCORD, I don’t wanna be shaky
And yet with both hands you cover your eyes, your ears,
“I just wanna be more honest” is an excuse

Now why do I tell you everything about myself,
falling in love DISCORD, I wanna sing it!
So if possible I’ll convey my loud volume love, 1/1 of myself*

T/N * This is being expressed in fractional terms, thus he means one of one whole, i.e. all of himself.

Translation credit: