Sunday, 20 April 2014

[LYRICS] @peace - nothing

@peace - nothing

nothing, just something called nothing
on a rock, in the dark, in the middle of nothing
just dust, intelligent dust, life creating, self-inflicting, civilised, irrelevant dust, infinite dust 
dust that contributes to society
a society of dust that kills itself for a dust
seeks out other societies of dust to kill them over dust
worrying over a garden that they say made us from dust believing that it wasn't, 
when it was just nothing, just matter, that doesn't 
just space no space for something
its all full of nothing
extraterestrial nothing
parallel universes of nothing 
a big bang that came from nothing caused by nothing causing nothing
a nothing we call life

a nothing that nothing is better than
but something is better than nothing
but nothings better than everything
but everything is just nothing

past tense, present tense, existence, essence, nonsense, nothing
nothing more, nothing less
nothing much but nothingness
just now

so while we're here, if we'd just like to take this time
to thank you nothing
for contributing to the stuffs born, you know
thanks for nothing

cause it's just another day
another meaningless, beautiful, ugly, significantly, insignificant timeless waste of time
travelling around this breathtaking burning ball of gas on this rock in the dark
in the middle of nothing

all for nothing

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